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About the Photographer

I am an amateur photographer.  I am a cardiologist,  Most importantly I am a husband, son, brother, father, grandfather, cousin and nephew.  

Photography is my way of escaping and relaxing.  It provides me an opportunity to express myself, explore the world and experiment with new techniques.  It is my passion.  I am a strong believer in the expression "the lens looks both ways"; photography allows me to see the world differently and gives you some insight into my view of the world.

I was given my first camera (and my second camera) as boy by my maternal uncle.  I gradually learned techniques and skills that could improve my photography.  As a college student I took a photography class and experienced the joy of taking and developing images in the darkroom.  It was much later that I learned to truly see through the lens, use my photography as a way to express myself and to truly "make images".

Photography has inspired many my wife's and my travel adventures.  Through photography I have made lasting friendships.  

I have  "experimented" with landscape photography, macro photography, milky way photography and many other techniques.  These days my greatest subjects are my family, often centered around my grandchildren.

I hope you get a fraction of the enjoyment looking at these images and the joy I had in capturing them.

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